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Key Court Fees in money claims

a)    Issue Fees

With all claims there are a number of court fees to be paid.  At the start of any claim an issue fee is payable by the person bringing the claim.  In a money claim the amount of the fee payable is dependant on the value of the claim.  The minimum fee currently being £25 (if using money claim online) for claims up to £300 and the maximum issue fee being £10,000 for claims in excess of £200,000.  Those claims not for money, for instance possession claims attract a current fee of £280 if issuing at the County Court or £480 if issuing at the High Court.

b)    Hearing Fees

These are again payable by the person bringing the claim and are paid in advance of the final hearing.  For Small Claims Court fees range between £25 to £335 and work on a sliding scale; the greater the claim the greater the fee.  For Fast Track Claims a hearing fee of £545 is payable.  On Multi Track claims the hearing fee is increased to £1,090.

Please see http://hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/ex050-eng.pdf for a comprehensive list of the current court fees.

If you succeed in your claim the Court will generally order the losing party to repay all costs you have paid in bringing your claim.

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