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Domestic Violence

A significant number of people in England and Wales are unfortunately affected by Domestic Violence. This can include threatening behaviour as well as physical abuse and non-physical abuse such as psychological, financial or emotional abuse.

If you are being subjected to domestic violence, you should seek help and assistance from the police. You may also wish to obtain advice and assistance from this firm on the other options that are available to you. We may be able to advise and assist you with obtaining Occupation and Non-Molestation Orders which would give you the additional protection that you may need.

An Occupation Order deals with the occupation of the family home. Such an Order can enforce a person’s right to occupy a property or exclude a person from a property and the surrounding area.

A Non-Molestation Order prohibits a person from using or threatening to use violence against another person as well as from intimidating, harassing or pestering that person. Such an Order can forbid a person from instructing or encouraging any of their friends or members of their family from doing the above.

Should you require the advice and assistance of this firm in relation to the issue of domestic violence, please contact us. Nicola Bennetts is a Law Society Accredited Specialist in Domestic Violence.

In any event, should you ever feel at risk of immediate harm, you should contact the police by dialling 999. 

How will I finance the proceedings? 

We have a public funding contract and would therefore be able to advise you as to whether you would qualify for any form of public funding, or alternatively if you are not financially eligible, we would provide you with full details of our private charging rates and give an estimate of what costs are likely to be incurred in your particular case.

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