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Provided that we have not acted for either you or your spouse or partner previously, you may like to consider mediation as an option for resolving any issues relating to financial matters, children or any other issues which you may wish to discuss.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process to assist parties who decide to separate or divorce to resolve any issues and reach their own workable arrangements. A Mediator is independent and whilst able to provide legal information you would need to obtain advice from your own solicitor during the process and before finalising any options discussed in mediation.

The Benefit of Mediation

  • Assists you in communicating with one another
  • Enables you to focus on what is important to you both
  • Helps children by demonstrating how their parents can work together in resolving any issues
  • You can create your own solutions which are workable for you and your family
  • It is a cost effective process and avoids the additional expense of Court proceedings.
  • Can deal more speedily with issues
  • Once you have reached decisions on all issues, your proposals can then be approved by your solicitor who can deal with any legal formalities.
  • Facilitate looking at options.


Encouragement to Mediate

Couples are encouraged to try mediation as an effective way of resolving their problems, rather than Court proceedings.

Resolution Trained Mediator

Resolution is an organisation of Family lawyers who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters. Resolution also campaigns for improvements to the family justice system. Resolution supports the development of family lawyers through its national and regional training programmes, through publications and good practice guides and through its accreditation scheme. Resolution also trains and accredits mediators.

Whilst Resolution trained mediators usually mediate alone, in certain circumstances it may be appropriate for there to be two mediators and we can discuss this process further with you if it is appropriate in your case.


If you wish to find out more about mediation and other options for resolving any issues arising following the breakdown of your relationship, you can attend a MIAM. To find out more, please contact Lynne Barton in the Family Team.

Before any court proceedings is issued, you will need to attend a MIAM except in certain circumstances, so the Court is aware that mediation has been considered. Mediation is not suitable in every case and if for any reason, Mediation does not go ahead, you will be issued with what is known as a Form FM1, which the Court will require if Court proceedings are issued.

About the Mediator

Lynne Barton has 35 years of experience in Family matters. She also is a Resolution Specialist in Pensions and Advanced Financial Matters. This experience can assist in the mediation process.

You can telephone Lynne Barton to discuss in an initial free no obligation meeting to ascertain whether mediation is suitable for you and to find out more about the services we offer. If you are eligible for public funding as we are unable to offer this for mediation we can provide you with details of other mediation services who do.

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